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Course Description

Altair Partner Alliance Products Training
AFDEX Advanced Customized Training
AlphaCell Training
Altair nanoFluidX™
Amphyon Training
Basic Training to Quickly Use HUByx Body Model
CAEfatigue VIBRATION Online Training
ChassisSim Bootcamp
CONVERSE Fundamentals Training
HUByx Physical Training
Introduction to Santos® Pro Concepts, Conventions, and Techniques
KTex Family Physical Training
KTex Family Web-Based Training
Maplesoft Training
NovaFlow&Solid Training
StressCheck Web-Based Training

Analysis and Optimization
AcuSolve – CFD Analysis
OptiStruct – Fatigue
OptiStruct – Multiscale Designer™
OptiStruct – Optimization Basic
RADIOSS – Advanced


Concept Design
Design with Evolve
INSPIRE – Structure

Customisation & Scripting
HyperWorks Customisation Introduction

Introduction to Flux 2D/3D
Wave Propagation Analysis and Radio Network Planning with WinProp

FE Modelling & Visualisation
HyperMesh Introduction
HyperMesh Solver Interfaces
HyperMorph - Morphing with HyperMesh

Manufacturing Solutions
Extrusion, Moldfilling, Forging and Friction Stir Welding
Metal Forming Simulation using HyperForm

Model Based Development

Multibody Dynamics
MBD with MotionSolve

Noise, Vibration & Harshness
NVH Analysis using Altair OptiStruct

Generating Robust Designs with HyperStudy

Pre- and Postprocessing
HyperMesh – CFD Meshing Basic
HyperMesh/HyperView – Basic – Hybrid (self-paced and presence)
SimLab – Basic

Structural Analysis
Linear Analysis with OptiStruct

Workload Management
PBS Professional 2 day + 1 day Advanced

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