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CFD Setup and Analysis in HyperWorks

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HyperWorks provides a full suite of powerful tools for the CFD analyst. Using HyperWorks engineers can take multiple ways to achieve simulation goals easily and quickly. AcuSolve - Altair's finite element based CFD solver - guides engineers to make wise decisions by providing flow and thermal solution results. This webinar will give quick overview of these different workflows using HyperWorks, explaining why more and more CFD professionals use HyperWorks for CFD modeling, analysis and optimization.

During this 45 minute webinar you’ll learn:
  • How to create CFD surface and volume meshes in HyperMesh and AcuConsole
  • Setup advanced boundary layers controls
  • Perform CFD analysis using AcuSolve
  • Analyze CFD results using HyperView and AcuFieldView

Who should attend:
  • CFD Analysts and Engineers
  • Product Engineers and Designers
  • CAE managers

    Dr. Marc Ratzel, Program manager, CFD – Altair
    Jaideep Bangal, Senior application specialist, CFD – Altair

    10:00 AM EST

  • 17/07/2012  
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