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Software Cradle eTrainings

Free Online Training for HWPA Members!

Software Cradle is offering free online courses throughout the summer of 2012 for HWPA members to learn how to better utilize the software SC/Tetra and scSTREAM. Each class is 2 hours long and will allow time for attendees to practice and ask questions.

Class Descriptions

    SC/Tetra 101
    The main objectives of this course are to let attendees become familiar with the initial
    setup and basic operation of SC/Tetra. Attendees will also learn about available user
    resources including training and technical support.
    Gain Knowledge On
    • Setting SC/Tetra module options
    • Basic operation of SC/Tetra using a simple example
    • Installation of user data including exercises
    • Training resources
    • Technical support resources

    Course Outline
      1. Initial settings and launching of SC/Tetra modules
      2. Recommended training
      3. SC/Tetra program structure
      4. Introductory example
      4.1 Geometry setup
      4.2 Setting analysis conditions
      4.3 Basic mesh generation
      4.4 Solver execution and monitoring
      4.5 Basic post-processing
      6. SC/Tetra file formats
      7. Contacting the Technical Support team

    SC/Tetra 102
    The objective of this course is to introduce the novice user of SC/Tetra to intermediate
    level details of the setup, execution and analysis of a typical thermo-fluid flow
    simulation. This will in turn familiarize attendees with the common issues that must be
    considered during a CFD design project.
    Gain Knowledge On
    • Standard operation of SC/Tetra using an intermediate example
    • Import and checking of geometry data
    • Evaluating the validity of a simulation
    • Finding further information and/or acquiring necessary help

    Course Outline

1. Detailed program structure of SC/Tetra
2. Geometry setup including import check-list
3. Setting analysis conditions
4. Mesh generation and refinement
5. Solver execution, monitoring and evaluation
6. Post-processing including animations
7. Contacting the Technical Support team

10 a.m. ET SC/Tetra 101

10 a.m. ET SC/Tetra 102

2 p.m. ET SC/Tetra 102

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10 a.m. ET scSTREAM for Electronics 101

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10 a.m. ET scSTREAM for Electronics 102

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2 p.m. ET scSTREAM for Electronics 102

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