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DIGIMAT Weekly eTraining

Problem based learning approach is used to introduce users to the DIGIMAT technology, concept and process. In each session, attendees will have the opportunity to repeat each example with the support of the teacher. All files required for the exercises will be provided the day before each session on the e-Xstream ftp site. The information will be sent to attendees having registered to the training.

There will be 5 online training sessions taking place every week starting from June 7 to July 5 at 9:00 a.m. ET. The duration of each session is 1h30. The participation is free of charge and is a pre-requisite to get access to the technical support service of e-Xstream engineering.

  • To have an up and running installation of DIGIMAT on the computer that will be used to follow the online training.
  • To have download the data required to do the exercises on the ALTAIR training session.

  • Seats are limited to 15 participants and provided on a first come first served basis.
  • A minimum of 5 attendees is required to hold the session.

Class Description
    1. June 7: Simulation of the impact of a beam made of glass fiber reinforced plastic by using the Digimat to Radioss technology (products: DIGIMAT to HyperMesh, Digimat to Radioss)

    In this first session, attendees will learn how to take benefit of the Digimat material modelling capability in Radioss/Explicit analysis. DIGIMAT workflow in HyperMesh will be presented in details.

    2. June 14: How to create glass fiber reinforced plastic for crash analysis in DIGIMAT? (Product: Digimat-MF)

    In this second session, attendees will learn how to create DIGIMAT material model valid for crash application. Sensitivity analysis will be performed to better understand the behavior of this reinforced plastic as function of the filler contents, the fiber orientation,etc.

    3. June 21: How to improve the predictability of your glass fiber reinforced plastic? (Products: Digimat-MX & Digimat-CAE)

    In this third session, attendees will learn how to optimize the definition of their DIGIMAT material in order to better predict its non-linear anisotropic behavior. The definition of failure criteria will be demonstrated.

    4. June 28: How to use DIGIMAT to create the link between the processing of the beam (injection simulation) and the structural analysis? >/b>(Products: Digimat-Map & Digimat-CAE)

    In this fourth session, attendees will learn how to take into account the fiber orientation in the beam impact analysis with DIGIMAT material. The beam impact analysis will be solved and its failure will be predicted.

    5. July 5: How to speed-up your DIGIMAT to Radioss/Explicit analysis? (Product: Digimat-CAE)

    The fifth session will be dedicated to the use of the most advanced DIGIMAT technology to speed-up your computation.

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9 a.m. ET Impact of Glass Fiber Beams

9 a.m. ET Create Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic

9 a.m. ET Improve Predictability

9 a.m. ET Link Between Processing and Structural Analysis

9 a.m. ET Speed Up DIGIMAT to RADIOSS Analysis

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